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Start Analyzing Group and Individual Contributions

Who We Are

As the field of Computer Science has been steadily growing within academic institutions across the country, there has been a growing need for resources for educators to use to provide good quality education. This web application specifically focuses on analyzing and developing resources for group programming and software engineering. Although, we created this application primarily for educators to use, anyone interested in tracking their personal repositories are welcome to use this application as well.

How it Works

From the provided path to your code repository, we are able to compute the repository's data and display that information into graphs. We use the following metrics to create our graphs.

1. Number of Commits
2. Number of Lines of Code (insertions and deletions are included)
3. Active Days of Coding


Using the previous metrics we curate the following graphs to help individuals answer questions about fairness, timeliness, consistency, and overall collaborative process for a particular code author or the group as a whole.

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Caption Text
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Hey Again!
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Caption Three


Get In Touch

Since our goal is to help individuals be able to understand and access their students' or team's projects, we'd love to recieve feedback on ways we can improve.